About Sue Holm

Sue Holm has more than 20 years of experience with Washington Workers’ Compensation claims. She began representing self-insured employers in 1996. Her clients ranged from a major city, to hospitals, a commercial bakery, school districts, and construction companies, so she knows what employers can and cannot do in managing claims, and knows how to work with and around employers’ representatives. She also knows the special considerations in the law for police and fire fighters (LEOFF).

Since 1998 Sue has represented injured workers. Clients include:

• Aircraft assemblers
• Bakers
• Carpenters and other construction workers
• Drivers – delivery drivers to truckers
• Electricians
• Interior designer who fell on a job site

Recovering from an industrial injury or occupational disease requires time and effort. Sue relieves you of the added stress of managing your claim. Sue works with doctors, vocational counselors, and L&I to ensure each worker receives all benefits available under the law.

Sue Holm also helps those who become disabled to obtain Social Security disability benefits, as well as short- and long-term disability benefits.

Sue provides an exceptional level of client service. She keeps her number of cases small so each client receives the personal attention of an attorney.

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